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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 11, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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is facebook will make history when it goes public one week from today. it means the
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fortunate few become even richer and facebook will be infused with staggering amount of cash. if all goes as planned. that if has facebook courting investors tonight. f fp. >> here's david lou. >> this is a week mark subinger burg is playing rock star. suv driven in caravan with security to investors. road show is private no camera at the hotel. but we learn mark wore a gray t-shirt and fed the guest curry chicken salad. criticized for wearing a hoodie monday with investors in new york. 200 guest being invited to snap up billions of dollars of stock when face about book goes public next friday. >> pretty subdue. people try to understand what it is worth. it's a real business will go someplace but people trying to figure out what is it worth. so we'll all make that decision. >>reporter: we are told question were his raised about monitoring. how it will boost profit from on line and mobile
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ads. it acknowledges it lag on making money on mobile device. that admission may dampen some enthusiasim for the i p o but only slightly. >> this is in many way the i p o of the decade for that reason and the reason fundamental of the business. beyond the revenue numbers the usage metrics, active user metrics because it's positive you will find many investors still getting very excited about participating in a the offerin offering. >>reporter: facebook posted video on line ahead of the road show to sell itself to instrors but not there today because many have seen it. potential investors wanted was a chance to see and hear from mark in person. >> first time to see mark in action and see the team and see how the how what the give-and-take is like with the investment community and see how open they are going to be with relatively communicate to go wall street what to expect. >> even though investors will eventually become owners of facebook they won't control it.
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mark hold as special class of stock that trump ps regular shareholders. in menlo park, david lou abc 7 news. >> and one of facebook co-founders isjf doing somethig surprising. defriending america if you will. he's giving up his u.s. citizenship so he won't be forced to pay up when the i p o turns him in a billionaire. as dan harris explains eduardo isn't the only one taking drastic action to avoid a very big tax bill. >> you can argue he's a case study in the american dream. founding facebook in a dorm room with mark as drama ties entered the movie social network. >> that is really good. >>reporter: later would he feel cut out of the business by mark. >> you hated the most is they identified me as a co-founder of facebook. which i am. >>reporter: he still owner an estimated 4 percent of facebook which means when it goes public he stands to cash in to the tune of nearly 4 billion dollars. but his tax bill to
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the country that gave him all this opportunity may now be much lower because as we are learning tonight he has rae announced his american citizenship. according to his spokesman eduardo recently found it more practical to become a resident of singapore since he plans to live there for an indefinite period of time. many on line today were harshly critical urging people to close the facebook account and let them eat their i p o. >> to an accident there's tax savings that comes from renouncing the citizenship that doesn't sit well with people. >>reporter: he's one of the growing number of wealthy americans dropping their citizenship multiplying 7 fold since 2008 from just 2 35 to more than 1700. in the facebook movie eduardo was the one many of us felt sorry for. but tonight some are painting him as the bad guy. dan harris abc news new york. >> about a dozen protestors at uc berkeley cited and released
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after they occupied the admission office. students took over the office at the hall this afternoon. they want the uc system to double the number of minorities students. demonstrators consist of high school and transfer students who say they were denied admission to uc. bay area group calling itself occupy the farm meantime now has until tomorrow morning to pack up and leave university owned land or risk arrest. it's the latest ultimatum by uc berkeley in an effort to regain control of property on san pablo avenue and marin street in albany. protestors have been camping out using uc agriculture research tract as urban farm for several week. they offer 2 seats in community meeting but only if they leave. >> are you going to leave by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> no we are not going to loaf by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow mornin morning. that's not currently
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the plan. kind of absurd. like 2 seat at the table for for closed meet that go doesn't involve everyone. >>reporter: uc says it will also drop all pending criminal charges if occupiers pack up and leaf by tomorrow. if they don't, all better are off according to the university. bay area woman who lost her husband and 2 sons to a mistaken identity gang killing talking exclusively with 7 news night tonight. killer convicted as we reported two days ago. grief-stricken wife and mother is in the witness protection program so we have hidden her face. we have the story from a pwvl c 7 news. >> i was just appalled by the fact that many there was no remorse whatsoever. i don't know who that person is. and that seemed that took my family is not a person. i don't know what that is. >>reporter: the anger toward ramos is understandable. he murdered her husband tony and 2 of her sons. june 22nd, 2008.
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tony, michael, matthews and third son andrew were returning from family picnic. danny showed us these pictures from the party. as they drove down an ingleside street fatal shots rang out from a car driven by ramos another gangster riding with him. andrew would survive and later testify in court pointing out ramos as shooter. danny says at first everyone told her they were in an accident. but at the hospital an officer gave her the bad news. >> then he said danielle, tony and michael are dead. and i was like this can't be happening. tl and i thought -- and i thought why me. what did i do to deserve this. >>reporter: he was shot on the head and on life support until he died. >> i had to say goodbye to matthew but when i told him i look at his face and i said it's okay. you can go. i'll
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see you one day. i'll see you one day. i kissed his forehead and i let him go. and he was gone. >>reporter: last fore years have been difficult. >> then i was in a daze and i didn't know like anybody in life could i manuallessing half of your family in one day and 5 minutes. >>reporter: she's now mom and dad to her 14-year-old daughter and surviving son andrew who just graduated from high schoo school. they are still in the witness relocation program. passenger in that car that fateful day is still on the loose. >> say my life has been completely stripped. being in protective is kind of hard because it's not the same. we can't just do what we want to do. we can't just go where we want to go. >>reporter: danielle told me about the hardship she's faced since the m you are ders. she lost her home. her husband. was the bread winner so it destroyed her financial and personal security. her
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children had to move away from schools in san francisco. now one footnote. all of the pictures with he showed were you given to us by danielle. she felt none would compromise her safety or her security including the photograph of her which was taken a long time ag ago. vick leeshtion 7 news. >> now you can watch the complete interview with both danielle and edwin ramos on our web site. just look under see it on tv. as if the economy has not hurt people enough. across california vulnerable homeowners facing foreclosure are being cheated by swindlers in growing numbers. capitol correspondent annette has the warning coming from sacramento. >> nothing i can do about it. >> kenneth hamilton looks at what was once her home for 14 years. someone else owner it now. an has it up for rent. after a major illness the professional photographer tried to save his condo with a loan
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modification. instead he lost it to foreclosure. after giving a a broker nearly 2000 dollar. >> reduced my mortgage from 780 or 7 85 to 3 86. and all of this i should have known if it sounds that good, it can't be true. but i fell for it. >>reporter: stories like hamilton that is behind new public which aareness campaign from the california association of realtors and the california district attorneys association. mortgage scam are up nearly 60 percent nationwide this year. with the golden state a prime target. >> california is a lucrative target for scammers. with 7 california metro area posted in the top 10 for foreclosure rates. >>reporter: the state expects more fraud as rip off artist will probably use the recent national mortgage settlement as a which to lure more vulnerable victims. >> we have seen unscrupulous
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operators having scammed their own friends and neighbors. in fact, scam remembers known to target members of the church and take advantage of their trust. >>reporter: some red flag include anyone asking for payment up front. promising to stop the foreclosure processor instructing you to stop contact with your lender. family. friends without foreclosure. hamilton ran into all of those signs but it's too late. >> nothing but a scam. >>reporter: california department of real esate also cracking down on the predators. it has rae vobingd more licenses in the last three years than it has at any time over the past 2 decades, revoked. in sacramento, abc 7 news. listen to this. mortgage melt down is hitting a little too close to home for stockton city officials. wells fargo is suing to the repossess a downtown building that was supposed to be the new satellite city hall. stockton bought it in 2007 for 42 million dollars but has since stopped making the payments.
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just last month wells fargo repossessed 3 parking garages owned by the city. stockton stays 24 million dollar deficit and is negotiating with creditors to avoid filing for bankruptcy. stockton hit very hard by the home foreclosure crisis one of the hardest hit places in the country in fact. well the virus that can infect your smart phone. coming up. hacker new target of choice. we show you some things to wendy burch out for. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center looking ahead to the weaned. lacks like memorable mother's day. i have the 7 day forecast coming up. >> i first saw the picture i was i was kind of agas. >> so were a lot of other people. reaction to the criticism from the mother at the center of it all. stay skawtionz.
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>> we are just getting word of power outage at bart monterey street station no. trains stopping there for the time being. not mostly clear what is causing the outage or how long it will last but we are staying on it for you. >> we have all been warned about the virus that you say infect our xairts but the latest threat has to do with that high tech did he advice in our pockets and purses. smart phones become ago popular target for malicious us hacker and this time it's the identity that they are after. here's jonathan bloom.
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>>reporter: visit a coffee shop and people are surfing the net with the smart phone. now close to-of them run google android operating city. i have been one of the very first android users since i have the google phone whenever it came out. >>reporter: she chose android because it's more open than apple i-phone and lets you down load app from more places but with that freedom comes a risk. >> fake app coming out for the android. >>reporter: security researcher says one claims to be for the popular sharing site pin interest. >> there is no official app for the android but casual user won't necessarily research tha that. they will down load and who know what is they get. >>reporter: now a a malicious app on the phone when you visit a hacked web site. he says thieves could use that trick t toen stall spyware. >> as you input a financial transaction and i can remotely have that report off to server and capture that and go and
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transact on your behalf, clean the bank account out. scary things. >>reporter: what are some of the things you worry about pete people getting hands on if they got your phone. >> bank account information. i guess i have banking stuff on there. some wells fargo password. >>reporter: enough fear that he said the firm is the latest to launch security app for android much like the anti-virus software you may have on the p c. it protect against hacker but not common thieves. >> if you lay your smart phone down and you don't have some sort of auto locking feature in place then it's easy for me to get in there and gain access to your information. >>reporter: phone probably stays logged into facebook meaning thief could impersonate you and scam your friends. simple pattern lock helps prevent that or if really worried a more elaborate password. >> number and words spell it out actually 15 digit. >>reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. san francisco teacher have taken their first step toward a strike. 97 percent of teachers in the san francisco unified school district have approved a preliminary strike vote. keep
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in mine it's the first strike vote in 6 years. teachers say they are fed up with layoffs and cuts including more furlough days and increase class sizes. >> we are here to say that that is not acceptable. we are willing to negotiate a contract but we are not willing to settle for anything that constitutes a reduction in the quality of our education for our students. >>reporter: another vote is needed before teachers could hit the picket line. that's not expected to happen until shortly before the new school year begins. all right. on to school is almost out for a lot of can i. weather is spectacular this wean. mother's day coming up. >> beautiful mother's day. memorandum rbl mother's day as a matter of fact. the warmest is tomorrow. cool down a little bit on mother difficult and just right. here's a life view from the high definition east bay hills camera looking out over the bay and clear night around the bay area. coastal fog despite the presence of the coastal fog
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this afternoon it didn't cool down our inland locations. high pressure were up to 90 degrees today and several location antioch livermore san jose clover dale and ukiah. numerous upper 80's in other spots. notice how cool it was on the coast. high of only 58 at half moon bay and right now we look at temperatures of 50 at half moon bay. 53 in san francisco. definitely cooling down near the coast but 75 inland at antioch. 70 at livermore and 71 at free mont. these are the highlights. fog increases continues to increase along the coast overnight. warm to hot inland tomorrow. then cooler and breezy but just rate on mother's day. satellite radar composite image shows competing circulation competing wind flow one dry flow did you know out of the north and fog surging up from the south. that's what's going on during the day today. lacks lick the fog is winning the battle settling in along the coast lane tomorrow. 11:00 o'clock tonight overnight the fog continues. pushñi inland bt burn back quickly tomorrow
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because it's a rather shallow fog layer and end up with fog still at the coast license tomorrow where it is mile. warmer on the bay and very warm in our inland locations. overnight tonight though mild conditions even with the presence of fog. we expect low mainly in the low 50's. low to mid 50's some locations lick napa, santa rosa, half machine bay santa cruz drop that the upper 40's. still over all pretty mild tonight and tomorrow. certainly a warm day in the south bay with sunny skies. see high in the upper 80's at san jose, campbell, saratoga and 90 degrees at los gatos on the peninsula 79 at san mateo but mid 80's at redwood city palo alto, mountain view, menlo park, low mid 60's at the coast pacifica and a half man bay. downtown san francisco high of 68 tomorrow. 61 in the sun set district. up in the north bay fairly wide range of high 78 at san rafael, 78 at pet lawm. low mid 80's in many other locations. up to 90 at mostly
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clear lake and ukiah. nearest bay high mainly in the mid upper 70's but up to 81 at castro cell and 83 at fremont. inland east bay will sizzle upper 80's at danville. dub listen. walnut creek. 90 or higher in all the other location and monterey bay look for mainly 60's near the bay and mid 80's inland. here's ac-weather 7 day forecast mother's day just looking grea great. sunny skies. mid 80's inland. mid 70's around the bay. cool on the coast. upper 50's there and then we have fluctuating temperatures over the next 5 days. up few degrees down few degrees but still pleasant sunny and dry for the entire 7 day forecast periodism i lick it. lack goods. >> thanks spencer very much. >> woman at the center of national debate. come up here on the news at 9:00 you are going to hear her defend this picture. plus. >> l car maker that is going
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>> as mothers we have to do what we feel. you know is best for our kids and really just block out the other noise. >> people get caught up in the mommy war in society and one side or another and i think really to each her own. >>reporter: "time"magazine cover triggering a lot of double take at the check out counter. shows a mother breast feeding her toddler nearly 4 years old. the mother believes she's boosting her child self confidence. reaction is so intense she is getting death threat. the woman behind the national debate. >> it's the cover that has the nation talking. and set the mommy blog aflameism the statement i wanted to make was that this is a normal option for your child and it should
9:26 pm
not be stigma. >>reporter: she is the 26-year-old cover girl for attachment parenting. but nurse ago nearly 4-year-old for the world to see? you said people have threat and to called c p s. this he call it sexual molestation. >> i think it's a lot of ignorance and so it's really hard to get mad at that. miami ri gland. this is what they were designed for. >>reporter: attachment parenting means son share family bed. spend 24-7 with the parents and he will nurse until he weans himself. she nursed until she was 6. >> it felonies lick the most safe and nurturing place and you feel completely loved. >>reporter: what do you call nursing. >> nursing. >>reporter: american academy of pediatrics recommend breast feeding foreast a year. world health organization says two years and beyond but most pediatrician see little nutritional value beyond that.
9:27 pm
some question the emotional value. >> between the ages of 1 and 3 that's when a child is learning to develop as an individual and to separate. so i want to look there during that period to make sure that prolonged breast feeding isn't interfering with that. >> i wasn't afraid she wouldn't be there when i got back. it was almost like giving a strong foundation. i would disagree what he said. >>reporter: abc miss chang reporting. when 7 news at 9 continues tonight. the praise of protecting the bay. why the bar pilots already make a lot of money are now demanding more. >> value of our service to the state of california protection of the environment i'm not sure you can put appraise on that. >>reporter: that's exactly what they are doing. at 7 news i team investigation is just ahead. plus the verdict that made jennifer hudson breakdown in
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>> good evening once again. bar pilots sky cargo ship in and out of san francisco bay and now the ship that ships are getting bigger these days they demand more money for the service. they climate it's a safety issue. but the shippers don't buy it. 7 news i team reporter dan with the controversy in this exclusive investigation. >>reporter: the san francisco bar pilot say they learned an important lesson after the costco hit the bay bridge spilling oil in the bay. and after the squeeze under the golden gate bridge in blanket of fog. largest ship ever to enter the bay. >> i don't believe anybody in their right mind had ever thought even 10 or 15 years agatha vessels would reach the size that they are now. >>reporter: they say they need to add a second pilot on some
9:32 pm
ships toen shawr safetyism the value of our service to the state of california and protection of the environment i mean i'm not sure you can put a prison that. >>reporter: but they have put a price on it. the bar pilots want to charge 50% more for ships they believe need 2 pilots. the shippers don't want to pay. >> they have absolutely every rate in the world to put as many pilots on board as they think they need to get a ship in. >>reporter: merchant representative jacob says state law already dictates pilots fee base on the size of the ship. the smallest ship coming that the bay are around 4 60 feet and 12,000 tons. bar pilots get paid about 3500 dollars. the newer larger ships are 1,000 feet and longer sometimes more than 100,000 tons. costing more than 20,000 dollars to pilot. 12 0four feet and 140,000 tons costing more than 34,000 dollars. the
9:33 pm
shipper say the added payment for the larger ships is enough to pay the second pilot. jacob points out each pilot makes the same amount each year no matter how much work they do. >> the individual pilots that are working that shift last year they made first pilot on made 4 50,000 collars. second pilot on 4 50,000 dollars. pilot at home eating a sandwich that week had a made 4 50,000 dollars. that's what they are paid to do. >>reporter: assembly member sponsored a bill last year to set the writ for a second pilot. she eventually withdrew the measure but while the bill was still under consideration the payment started charging the extra fee prematurely and they made what the shippers perceive as a threat. how serious was the threat in the to bring in a ship? what kind of step is that? >> unprecedented. >>reporter: cargo ship norma, 11 45 feet long was steaming toward san francisco. shipping association says the head of the before pilot captain horton
9:34 pm
threatened not to bring in the norma or any of the larger ships. i team obtained e-mail horton wrote to the port of oakland f.we captain charge for the extra pilot service i doubt we'll ever bring those ships i in. >> it was not actual threat. >>reporter: horton tells us he was simply trying to convey his safety concerns and that the shipper initially agreed to pay. >> strongly worded because i thought we had an agreement. >>reporter: they stepped in and 2 bar pilots brought the norma to port. without additional charges. >> rules regulation. >>reporter: ship owner association asked for an investigation from the board of pilot commissioner. the state agency that regulates and licenses san francisco bar pilots of. >> i don't know what to make of that. l perhaps it was a threat. perhaps it was just an offhand comment. i was not there. i have seen the e-mail. >>reporter: commission rae leased report on the incident basically a narrative of what happened. but it failed to mention horton's e-mail.
9:35 pm
>> some reference to the communications, crux of the investigation had the background. >>reporter: shipping merchant believed the threat needed to be looked at more closely by the board. >> i would lick to think that if the state regulator asked to do a all right to go through all the facts and tell us what actually happened and put those into context. that they would do that. unfortunately they chose to completely ignore the facts in their report. >>reporter: still based on the board report the attorney general released an opinion in april saying the bar pilots can not charge for second pilot. would it take new legislation for them to collect more fees. >> this is brand new for us. these are largely east ships ever to visit the west coast of north america. >>reporter: pilots are back at it again. asking legislators to approve payment for second pilot this time they have assembly member swanson of oakland sponsoring the bill. he says he would like to see them compensated for a second pilot but he doesn't want them deciding when a second pilot is needed. >> should public safety be left
9:36 pm
at their discretion. i think public safety should be left at the discretion of the legislature who is responsible to protect the public. >>reporter: and if the bill doesn't pass swanson says the safety of the bay is at risk. >> if they don't get compensated and we don't pass a bill that requires that it be 2 pilots is there a chance that maybe we might have one pilot on a super vessel that requires 2, always that chance. chance i don't think we can afford to have. >>reporter: pilot point out they aren't paid by tax dollars but by wealthy shipping merchant mostly owned by foreign companies. merchant say if forced to pay the pilot more there's a good chance the cost will be passed on to consumers. if you have a tip for next investigation e-mail through abc 7 i team page or by calling this number on the screen. for the i team, abc 7 news. >> in the south bay the search for missing morgan hill teenager sierra la mar focusing
9:37 pm
on open field, construction site and zones. first lapped search by 81 formed deputy since april 21. investigators say they are following up on more than 2000 tips they have received since the 15-year-old vanished on her way to ask nearly two months ago. sierra mother arlene also issued a statement today saying this mother's day will be a time of reflection. it sure will. jury in chicago reached guilty verdicts late today in the murder of 3 members of entertainer jennifer hudson family. took them three days to find 31-year-old william balance for guilty of all charges including 3 counts of first agree murder convicted of killing her mother brother and 7-year-old nephew in 2008 after his estranged which have, hudson sister refused to reconcile. she broke down in tears as the verdict was read today. he faces mandatory sentence of life in prison. still ahead on the news at 9:00. secret video that got
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quite a few monk in quite a bit of trouble e.unfailing of olympic sculpture draws scorn and ridicule. tonight you had a he from the artist who says nobody lake the eiffel tower either when it was built. stay eith[ teen ] times are good,tay aren't they, kids?
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>> well, several items from overseas. start with greece where the country socialist leader says effort to form coalition government have failed. without a deal there will have to be new election next month. at stake is greece future in the euro and international aid bailout loans that depend on strict austerity measures. [ yelling] harsh measures imposed by the government behind protest today in italy. demonstrators dringd
9:42 pm
a garbage bins into the street threw rock and bottle at police and threw red paint egg at police guarding the tax collection office. leader of south korea bi biggest buddhist order apologies after several monk filmed in a scandal. 6 quit after this video surface. show monk keep in mind playing high stake poker drinking and smoking in a hotel room. gambling went on for threaten hours. stake were close to 90 900,000 dollars. south korea unlicense gambling is particularly frowned upon by religious leaders. so this got them in huge trouble. city of london got a towering new venue today. this is called the orbit. it was unveiled as part of the city new olympic stadium. games coming later this summer. critic have afeld day. mayor of london calls it the hubble bubble. others label it the godzilla of public art. i hick
9:43 pm
that one. contorted mass oven trails. you like this the one. eye full tower. man is okay with all of this. in fact he says the eiffel tower was hated for decades before become agonal monument. listen to him as he describes his sculpture. >> it's a deconstructed tower that has an asymmetrical geometry. something that is in a way as you look at it becoming around. happening. forming itself. forming space as you walk in and around it. it has it's made of l this moment canopy a dark canopy down below which you should look at. a moment weight and poise and gravity in way and then up through the lift up to this room which is of course
9:44 pm
all about life and looking here mitigated by the 2 mirror that when they are let people in the room turn the view of london upside down so you will lack and of course give you a curious body sensation of being sort of somewhere between present and not present. >> present an not present. get all that? orbit cost 36 million dollars. olympic begins in 77 days. well, you may want to dust off your old comic books. ♪ batman franchise tonight collector cleans up. i'll be .
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>> mother's day is sunday and we have been celebrating all week with the mother day photos at and this site sz. this photo with his mothe mother. he tells us his mom is his world. isn't that sweet. this one posted of her and her son. she says her boys never say goodbye without giving mom a little kiss. >> and check out these mother and daughter from abc 7. share the photo at slash abc 7 news. fun way to celebrate mother everywhere. auto maker hyundai wanted to make sure the new hatch book was kid proof. so first it found out if it was monkey proof. hyundai brought the car to a safari park in britain. let more than 40 baboon have at it for 10 hours. they swarmed the car jumped on the seat. ate lunch in the back seat. scratched the paint. even bit the skier wheel by the end of the day the car was smeared and scraped but otherwise we understand in pretty good shap shape.
9:49 pm
not bad. i have a couple of kids older now spencer you do as well. no baboon can compete with kids with destructive power. >> these true. look at the weather conditions this afternoon. time lapse view from the high definition east bay camera emeryville to golden gate fog rushing through the golden gate this afternoon. hasn't worked too far across the bay but will tonight. tomorrow sunny day. state wide but fog will hang out along the coast line. really warm in the interior section of the state with high pressure in the 90's up to about 100 down in the desert areas. here in the bay area tomorrow fog cling to the coast line with high in the low 60's but work your way through the bay high in the 70's and 80's and inlandely warm. low 90's antioch livermore. see high of 90 degrees at mostly clear lake. fairfield and concord. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. cool down a few degrees that the comfort zone on mother's day. mid 80's inland 70's around the bay. upper 50's on the coast. a little cool there
9:50 pm
then mild for the remainder of the forecast period. cooling down a bit more at the end of next week but still sunny and pleasant. >> no rain in sight. >> thanks very much. >> you could say holy profit, batman. ♪ batman ♪ . >> before the tv series there was of course the comic book. collector sold a batman no. 1 comic for 850,000 dollars. one comic book. more than double what the collector paid for it a couple of years ago. mind you the comic book cost 10 cents when it was published in 1940. that is what they call in business a good r o i. return on investment. >> i haven't heard that song in so long. lick now. now it's in my head. for the rest of the weekend probably. is things that need to be displaced any way. sometimes it seems the team has your number. giants and d-backs.
9:51 pm
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right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. sz.
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. community comes together united against prostitution. how they plan to get street walkers off the street is. >> and who would do this? dog wheelchair is stolen. that's pretty low isn't it. those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. come on. >> give me a break. >> i don't know what to say after that. but. >> giants on the road. >> on the road. giants open the season by getting swept in arizona by the diamondbacks back in the desert tonight and it was more than of the same. let's start by enjoying the arizona sunset. that's enough. cabrera in the first. solo homer off patrick. second homer of the year 1 nothing giants. that's all they got. baumgarner smoked. bottom 5. gold member. paul gold schmid he gets home run off the
9:55 pm
giants. second of the year. he hit 1 against tim first game of the year. gave up 5 runs. aj first career homer gets the silent treatment then come on. you are the guy. going back toless season. beat the giants 9 in a row are. 5-1 the final tonight. break out the face paint. a's and tigers at the coliseum. bottom 3. josh rips this one to right center off rick. it's the seventh of the year. 3-2 game. whatever i want some. third homer in the last 4 gamesth fifth of the year. that's a 3 run shot. then in the seventh. it's reddick. de-and ryan at the wall and it means goodbye. off the glove. 3 run bomb second of the gym. 4 for 4 with 5 rb rbi. swinging a's demolish the tiger 11-4 in the 9. to football. jenkins first taste of the nfl on the field today.
9:56 pm
instant analysis. mr. jenkins has to get in shape. not like he's over weight. not a fat guy or anything like that. but the speed of the game. burst. endurance much more demanding in the nfl then college football at illinois. oh, yes. i have to take a rest down here. rookie working out in santa clara. head coach said all the ridiculousie need to be fanatical about the work out. >> we have a ways to go. i'm not panic button or anything i gnaw where it was going to be. just a process of going from a to z and everybody at a certain point and we'll get them there. >> just a process. always like on the road. l i'm back home i think going out there you definitely see it. totally different ball game. you have to get your mind right. >> former stanford quarterback pritchard invited to rookie camp but coach harbaugh back in
9:57 pm
2007. he led the cardinals to win over then no. 1 usc 24-23. rate now pritchard sevens as defensive assistant coach for stanford but throw the ball around a little bit. >> coach harbaugh he called me up coupling weeks ago and said what do you think about coming out to rookie camp and throwing it. i said absolutely i love the game love playing so it's an opportunity to come out here and be with a couple former team mates. throw around a little bit. feel lick a football player again. have some fun. >>reporter: junior was buried tonight in a private service followed by a public memorial at qualcomm stadium. former san diego charger great took his own life earlier this month. john el l way, manning, tomlinson and fouts among the stars who paid their respects along with 20,000 fans. on to golf. downs back today by tiger woods in the champ shi'a after 74 yesterday. 68 today. and tiger did make the cut. some amazing shots. at saw
9:58 pm
grass. tim clark second shot on the par 4, 7. lake over the riff and through the woods to grandmother house we good. up and down and clark is 3 under at the halfway point. remarkable. tiger started the day in being todayer of missing the cut. 4 straight birdie at one point including these 2 on 8 and 9. 68 ties him for 30th. 2 un. play this weekend. brian harmon a guy who didn't know he have he was even playing in this event until 5 minutes before tee time yesterday shipping from the dirt. got it. he's also 3 under. johnson and knot on top the leader board. kuscher joins them with the 45 foot birdie. amazing putt. 68 for kuscher and he is 8 under with a share of the lead. nba tonight. game 6 clippers and grizzlies. fourth quarter. tonly for 3 of the tlaechbility memphis up. strange end to go the game. knocks down a 3 with seconds left to tie or make it a two point game but the
9:59 pm
clippers weren't ready for the past. foul. you have a foul. memphis runs out the clock. they hang on to win 90-88. game 7 is sunday back in memphis. well he is still in search of first championship but james reportedly won the third mvp award. official announcement will come tomorro tomorrow. james averaged 27 points per game for miami this season. we hit the way back machine. 5 years ago today. one of the best dunk in play off history. barren davis with authority. over andre of youth in the second round of the play offs. those were the fun times with we believe warriors may 11 2007. i remember where i was up in the crowd that nature watching barren davis and. >> that was 5 years. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for larry and all of us thanks for watching happy mother's day to all you mother out there. appreciate your time. see


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